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Friday, July 24, 2015

One of my favourite parts of the day is coming home and taking off the makeup and following it with a good night time regimen. I am a true believer in the investment of good skincare, especially in your 20s. You want to be able to look back and be grateful for the time you spent in looking after your skin. My skincare regimen involves quite a few products than probably your average regimen, but it does by all means contain simple products and I have got the "procedure" down pat to a quick 20 minute routine before I go to bed. And, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and surprisingly gets me into a "sleeping" mood and I sleep well knowing that all the ingredients in my skincare are working their magic while I sleep.

Estee Lauder Advanced night repair synchronised recovery complex II. Excellent facial serum for that night time routine.

One of the standout products I have been using over the past three years has been Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex (II). I love this product, and while it is on the pricey side ($140 for 50mls) it does last me quite a few months. There are many a blog posts written about this serum, and the reviews have been full of praises. Ever since using this serum I have noticed a more supple appearance to my skin when I wake up in the mornings, it has also worked to even out my skin tone and brighten up my complexion. It is honestly a miracle serum in a bottle. I apply about one dropper of this after my cleanse/toning/BHA every night and pat it into the skin with my fingers. A little does go a long way and the product absorbs into the skin giving it instant hydration (although I do find I need to leave it on for at least a minute or more before it fully absorbs). Once it's dry I then apply my night cream and off to bed I go. I most note that this product from experience does nothing for acne or problematic skin. I wouldn't bother using this serum until you've gotten your skin to a stage where it is relatively well behaved and settled.

365 day journal. Writing in this before bed every night helps me to clear my mind and make sure I go to bed with a well rested mind.

I usually also like to take a few minutes before bed to wind down. Most nights I flip through and write a few notes in my journal. I find that clearing the mind really helps me to get to sleep better. I make sure to let go of anything negative before bed, as the saying goes you should never go to bed angry.

What does your night time routine include?

Estee Lauder Advanced Nighttime Repair 
Kikki K notebooks/journals


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