Current Favourite Lip and Cheek Combo

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Estee Lauder Pure Envy lipstick in Carnal. Can't get your hands on the Kendell Jenner shade? this is almost the exact colour.

When Kendall Jenner collaborated with Estee Lauder and came out with a lipstick I was a bit late on the bandwagon and missed out. After having seen the lippie pop up on a few blogs, I knew I had to find myself that perfect orange red lipstick if, not only to add to my ever growing lipstick collection but to remind myself that the warmer months are coming (Antarctic vortex anyone?). I popped into my local Estee Lauder counter and enquired about a similar colour, because lets face it, the Kendall Jenner shade is not one that is new. The result was Carnal in the pure colour envy range. It is an absolutely beautiful orange-red shade which exudes 1960s elegance (think Madmen) and brings about a certain nostalgia of a time when I was little and used to play (draw) with mum's lipstick. Does it seem like every mother out there had a shade like this? It wears beautifully on the lips being very moisturising and highly pigmented. I found that I didn't really need to wear a lip liner with this and it applied beautifully on the lips without pulling. I also managed to get quite a long wear out of it before having to reapply, and the colour faded without any feathering. If you do find a problem with feathering lipsticks then try Urban Decay's glide on lip pencil in clear.

Benefit blush in coralista. Beautiful peachy blush with a shimmery highlight

MAC springsheen and benefit coralista. Beautiful peachy coloured blushes with shimmery highlights for that gorgeous pop of summer colour on the cheeks.

I am an absolute fiend when it comes to buying blushes and I have to confess like any makeup addict out there I own way too many than needed. As my mum always tells me, you do only have one face after all. Whenever I wear a orange-red lipstick I tend to gravitate towards more peachy tone blushers. Two of my favourite which compliment Carnal are Benefit'ss Coralista and M.A.C's Springsheen. Both are oldies but goodies. They are on the shimmery side and I find therefore don't require any highlighting afterwards, they also provide this lovely dimension to my cheeks as well as the fresh pop of peachy colour.

I love these two lip and cheek combos for a simple but chic daytime wear to brunch or boutique shopping and love amping up the blusher a bit for a glam night time look.

What are you two current favourite lip and cheek combos?

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Lipstick
M.A.C Springsheen
Benefit Coralista 


Nightly Routine: ft Estee Lauder

Friday, July 24, 2015

One of my favourite parts of the day is coming home and taking off the makeup and following it with a good night time regimen. I am a true believer in the investment of good skincare, especially in your 20s. You want to be able to look back and be grateful for the time you spent in looking after your skin. My skincare regimen involves quite a few products than probably your average regimen, but it does by all means contain simple products and I have got the "procedure" down pat to a quick 20 minute routine before I go to bed. And, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and surprisingly gets me into a "sleeping" mood and I sleep well knowing that all the ingredients in my skincare are working their magic while I sleep.

Estee Lauder Advanced night repair synchronised recovery complex II. Excellent facial serum for that night time routine.

One of the standout products I have been using over the past three years has been Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex (II). I love this product, and while it is on the pricey side ($140 for 50mls) it does last me quite a few months. There are many a blog posts written about this serum, and the reviews have been full of praises. Ever since using this serum I have noticed a more supple appearance to my skin when I wake up in the mornings, it has also worked to even out my skin tone and brighten up my complexion. It is honestly a miracle serum in a bottle. I apply about one dropper of this after my cleanse/toning/BHA every night and pat it into the skin with my fingers. A little does go a long way and the product absorbs into the skin giving it instant hydration (although I do find I need to leave it on for at least a minute or more before it fully absorbs). Once it's dry I then apply my night cream and off to bed I go. I most note that this product from experience does nothing for acne or problematic skin. I wouldn't bother using this serum until you've gotten your skin to a stage where it is relatively well behaved and settled.

365 day journal. Writing in this before bed every night helps me to clear my mind and make sure I go to bed with a well rested mind.

I usually also like to take a few minutes before bed to wind down. Most nights I flip through and write a few notes in my journal. I find that clearing the mind really helps me to get to sleep better. I make sure to let go of anything negative before bed, as the saying goes you should never go to bed angry.

What does your night time routine include?

Estee Lauder Advanced Nighttime Repair 
Kikki K notebooks/journals


Game Changing BHAs For Skincare

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I have to share with you all a recent addition to my skincare regimen which has made a big difference to the appearance and health of my skin. Game changing difference. But before I do, just a quick background history of my skin. I have oily/combination skin which tends to get really oily around the T-zone (I also have very oily eyelids!). I have also been blessed with large pores on the inner surface of my cheeks. I am prone to hormonal breakouts but overall my skin has calmed down a lot and settled itself. Drinking water makes a DIFFERENCE, and I think it's really important to help keep your skin hydrated by remembering to do so everyday. I notice that when I don't drink water, my skin definitely does look and feels dehydrated.

BHA exfoliators. I tend to use the 2% on a daily basis and the 4% once a week if needed.

I was first introduced to BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids) by my sister who had been using them as part of her skincare regimen for years. Now please keep in mind that I am no professional or dermatologist when it comes to skincare, but simply writing this from the perspective of my own experience. BHAs act as a daily exfoliant for your skin. Exfoliating your skin is important as it removes all the dead skin cells which sits on the surface of your skin. Now remember that your skin is constantly shedding! the buildup of dead skin cells can often lead to clog pores and cause breakouts. BHAs help to remove the dead skin buildup which in turn helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, unclog the pores (and make them look smaller!) as well as to help reduce breakouts.

I use this every day as part of my night time routine.

For the last few months I have been using Paula's Choice Resist Daily Pore-Refining Treatment with 2% BHA. Now from experience I wouldn't go into using BHAs lightly. Everybody's skin is different and when introducing a new product you do need to be mindful of how it may react with your skin. I initially started using this product every second day. I apply it on freshly cleansed and toned skin (making sure that my toner has fully dried before doing so). I add a small amount of it onto a cotton pad and then dab the product onto my skin, mainly concentrating on my T-zone area. The first week that I tried the product I had to take a break as my skin got really dry. Once my skin had recovered I was able to incorporate into my daily night time regimen. And I now use it daily. And I have to say this product really does work! My skin appears and feels smoother whilst my pores look cleaner and smaller. The real test was when I decided to use it on the bumps that were on my upper arms (you know those pesky bumps you get and have no explanation as to why they are there) after about three applications the bumps were gone. I'm keeping this one in my current night time skin regimen.

You can read a bit more about BHAs and skin exfoliants here

What is your piece of game changing skincare?


Resist Daily Pore-Refining Treatment


Winter and Dry Skin

Saturday, July 11, 2015

For us in the southern hemisphere we are well and truly in the middle of our winter and boy has it been a cold one! (Antarctic Vortex anyone?). For a very long time it seemed like winter was coming (how can I not throw that in?) and I waited for it with anticipation. I had always thought of myself as a winter bunny, but now that it has arrived something has changed. I have always had oily/combination skin, dry skin was never a problem which I had to deal with. Maybe it's because I am slightly older, I don't know, but this winter my skin has been all sorts of flaky and dry! Not only has my skin been very dry, but my eyes have been suffering from the lack of humidity as well.

There is nothing worse than having dry eyes! A visit to the optometrist yielded the following information 1. I only partially close my eyes when I blink and 2. I don't blink enough. Artificial indoor heating does nothing to help the cause, in fact it is what has been contributing to my problems. Now we are only in the middle of winter but I have armed myself with a few items to help me get through the rest of the season.

Eucerin Skin Calming Daily Moisturising Creme
I have not let a day go by without using this cream in my arsenal against the winter dryness. It contains natural oatmeal and doesn't have a scent. I use this as my second layer of face product in my facial routine. I squeeze a reasonable amount into my palms and lather it about in my hands before applying it generously to my face. I then use any remaining amount to also moisturise my hands. The cream is a little on the thicker side, but it's not so thick that it doesn't absorb into the skin. It also contains glycerin which is an important humectant for keeping moisture levels up as it helps to hydrate the skin by actually attracting water and drawing it into the dermal layers (gotta love science!).

Josie Maran Argan oil
I got hooked onto this a few years ago when it was first released. So far it has been the best facial oil that has worked for me without breaking me out. It absorbs beautifully into the skin and is not at all too oily that you could get away with wearing it during the day. I however only use this at night when I want my skin to rejuvenate as much as it can during the sleeping hours.

Cli-mate air humidifier
This little contraption has honestly changed my life! (and it's so darn cute as well). Humidifiers help to add moisture to the air. Lower temperatures in winter and indoor heating bring humidity levels down and as a result can cause dry skin and other skin irritations. I like to add lavender oil to my humidifier so it creates this lovely scented mist. Humidifiers also help to relieve sinus symptoms associated with the cold/flu helping you get that very much needed night of sleep. I really do recommend giving humidifiers a go if you're suffering from dry skin or dry eye symptoms.

Now who is ready for some warmer weather?


Eucerin Skin Calming Daily Moisturising Creme
Josie Maran Argan Oil
Cli-mate Air Humidifier


The Nude Lip

What better way to start this blog off than with a post about lipsticks. I remember when I was younger and just getting myself into makeup I was in absolute awe over M.A.C lipsticks. They were so luxe and there was something so badass about the tampon like packaging. At present I own 17 different shades, and I have to admit to myself this is probably more due to an obsession with buying makeup than actually wearing makeup. Nonetheless I have recently discovered a new love, one which I have been gravitating towards for the past few months and has been a staple in my makeup bag. It is my perfect nude. You know that "your lips but better" look.

The perfect winter nude combination.

I was introduced to Modesty by the lovely lady at the M.A.C store whilst I was actually looking for another shade. And boy am I glad she did! Modesty is a pinky nude colour, which would probably compliment many skin tones. I have light/medium skin with yellow undertones and most nude lip colours tend to wash me out. Modesty provides a lovely pop of pink to the lips for everyday wear whilst providing a lovely neutral put together and sophisticated look for the evening (think bold eyes). It is a part of the cremesheen range and as such feels very moisturising on the lips. For a little more of a glossy look I pop a little bit of Lanolips lip ointment in the shade Rose on top. Seeing as it is currently winter here in the southern hemisphere, the lanolin helps keep the lips moisturised.

I highly recommend checking this shade out the next time you are perusing the M.A.C counter, you won't be disappointed!

M.A.C Modesty 
Lanolips SPF 15 lip ointment
Witchery Pouch Set

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